• CAF
  • CVEC
  • Social security
  • Carte Vitale
  • Bank
  • Insurance
  • Internet provider
  • Electricity provider
  • Impôts
  • Residency permit



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I am a student, can your service help me resolve my issues with CAF, social security and open a bank account in a French bank?

The premium plan covers all those points and more.

I want to ask for housing allowance with CAF, can you help me? How long does this task require?

Our premium plan helps you ask for this allowance. Generally, this task requires between 1 and 3 months for its completion, depending on the particularity of your profile.

I have a social security number but no "carte vitale", can you help me get one?

Let's go!

My bank debited unknown fees. Can you help me?

Yes, there are two steps :

  1. We have to understand the nature of the operation and their origin. If their origin is fraudulent, we can help you solve the issue by discussing the matter with your bank.
  2. If the origin is legitimate, we can help you understand where the fees are from and maybe cancel some useless contracts.

For all these services, the premium plan got you covered.

I bought things on the Internet and now I have an unknown subscription. Can you help me?

More and more business adopt shady methods to get you subscribed to an obscure service during a regular sale. We can help you stop the subscription and try to negotiate reimbursement of the fees. The result depends on your personal profile.

I came back to my country of origin for a year already. I have received a letter for the "taxe d'habitation". What should I do?

This is a common issue. We advise our clients to have their administrative situation up to date to avoid bad surprises. We can help you solve this issue.

I want to leave France definitely. Which payment option suits me the best?

We'll close all your contracts and inform the administrations of your departure. You can choose any of the options, your particular profile will determine the duration of the tasks. If your profile seems complicated, maybe opt for the one-time payment, it might be a better deal for you.

If I subscribe to a plan, am I engaged for a year?

All our plans are without engagement period. Just warn us at least 3 days before a new plan period and the subscription will be stopped.

I am a client and a task has not been completed. Can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan. After the end of the paid period, we'll not be able to help you complete the task if it was required.

What are the payment options?

We currently use Stripe, an industry-leading secure payment provider. It enables us to bill our clients with their debit card and Apple Pay. We will add more payment methods soon.