for micro-BNC only

  • Micro-accounting
  • Taxes
  • Impôts
  • Residency permit


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I think I pay too much taxes at URSSAF and CIPAV, can you help me?

Mistakes can slip into your taxes calculations. You can also ask for a payment schedule or reduction. Our service gets you covered.

I received the letter of a court bailiff. I don't know what to do, can you help me?

Very often independent workers receive these notifications, we know very well how to handle things from there to get it resolved swiftly.

I'm an independent and my french is far from perfect. I receive many letters about my activity and don't know what I should do with them. Can you help me?

We designed our service to deal with all your communication remotely. We help you answer it all year long whatever the subject.

If I subscribe to your service, do I have a dedicated assistant? If I don't speak French is it problematic?

Our support speaks French, English and Chinese. You can contact us in any of those languages.

Can I buy your service with cash?

We only accept payments through the internet and bank transfers. To every payment, an invoice is automatically created with invoicing software.

If I subscribe to your service and want to renew my residency permit next year, will you help me?

Yes, we will help you to prepare all the documents required for this renewal.

After a bank transfer, when will I receive the invoice?

For bank transfers, we first give you a quotation. The quote is accepted when the client transfers the funds and an invoice is then generated and transferred to the client.

I created my activity as "profession libérale", I want to change to "auto-entrepreneur". Is it possible?

Yes, but the process is peculiar. Our team can help you make it happen.

I want to change my business activity, is it possible?

Yes, our teams are available to help and advise you for this modification.