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I want to create a business in France but I live abroad, is it possible?

Yes, but there are constraints. Please contact us for a detailed answer for your specific case.

I have a master in France and want to create a business here. What are the requirements?

Our approach for this kind of profile is to exchange with our finance expert. This exchange will permit to precise your project, choosing the best business type and answer all the questions an entrepreneur may have.

I want to apply to "Passeport Talent" VISA. Can you assist me?

We assist many entrepreneurs who are building their application for "Passeport Talent". You're in the right place!

I want to open a business but before I need to open a bank account, can you help me?

French banks need certain documents to be able to receive the capital. We can help you with your discussions with the bank of your choosing for opening and succeeding on receiving transferring the capital on the account.

Who writes the incorporation statutes?

The statutes are written by an attorney, partner of our company, according to your specific needs.

What is the duration of the incorporation process?

When the documents are ready, the process takes up to 1 month. But generally, you have to add at the very least one month to prepare the documents, depending on the clarity of your project's variables.

Can you help me ask for financing options for my project?

Our team has deep experience in helping startup and businesses find the right financing tool for their stage, may it be a private or public source.

My business is facing difficulties, can you help me shut it down or freezing it?

Yes, do not hesitate to reach us so we can look at your particular case.