Sales Agreement

This document was last updated: September 12, 2022

The following text is a summary of the original text, written in French. The purpose of the summary is to explain what the agreement is about, but for exact and binding wording, please only refer to the French text.

The Sales Agreement is between AP France and the Client.

AP France is a consulting company that through its website offers a service.

Article 1 - Definitions

This article helps define the key terms of the contract.

Article 2 - Object

This article explains when and how the Sales Agreement apply :

  • A Client cannot share or transfer the service
  • AP France can upgrade the service at any time
  • The Sales Agreement must be agreed by the client before buying

Article 3 - Technical characteristics

Our clients need Internet to use the service.

Article 4 - Access

The service is accessible by Internet, mail, and chat applications.

The Client cannot sell the result of our service to a third party.

We can refuse to sell or cancel any order that would come from a Client we already have ongoing dispute.

Article 5 - Updates & maintenance

We'll update the website and app, we'll try to update when it's most convenient and will warn our clients when possible.

Article 6 - Duration and renewals

Contracts start with the payment and for their duration (either montly or annually).

For the monthly plans, Clients can cancel the subscription at any time, if they don't cancel 3 days before renewal, they'll be renewed for a new month.

For the annual plans, Clients pay for the year. On the following year the Clients have to subscribe to a new period of one year.

For the task oriented services, the Client pays for the task, according with what's been commercially agreed with us.

Article 7 - Prices

Clients have to pay for the service we offer.

The prices are displayed on our website in Euro with VAT included.

If our price change, the price paid by the client will be the price initially subscribed for. Unless the subscription ends.

Article 8 - Period of withdrawal

The Client that subscribes can have a legal period of withdrawal of 14 days. During this period we will wait for the Client and not provide the service.

If the Client wants us to start right away, he'll drop his right to withdrawal.

Article 9 - Payment

We use Stripe for payments, Stripe provide safe payment technology and as a result we cannot have access to your payment details.

If our Clients fail to pay, we can decide to stop the service.

Article 10 - Data processing

We process data, personal data is ruled by the French law.

The Client guarantees the data provided is licit.

We and the Client must do our best to protect the security of the data.

Article 11 - Confidentiality

The Client's data is confidential. We'll delete it upon request and will use it only for the service we provide for our Clients.

The Clients must not use the data we produce for them and give or resell it to any other party.

Article 12 - Responsability

Each party face consequences of its mistakes may they happen.

If our company does a mistake, the damages are limited to the refund of the billing period where the mistake happened.

Article 13 - Force majeure

In case of Force majeure event disrupting our service, we cannot be held responsible.

Article 14 - Reversibility

Upon termination of our countract with a Client, we commit to destroy the data at the first Client's request.

The request can be made at

Article 15 - Insurance

We commit to keep being insured for the activity we offer.

Article 16 - General dispositions

The valid language for reading the Sales Agreement is French.

All writtings including digital writting is admissibile in court.